2020 Federal Budget

In conjunction with Centrepoint Alliance we provide the following information in response to the 2020 Federal Budget release.

While many of the initiatives were announced ahead of the time, this is a Budget that is designed to get the economy moving, and get Australians back to work and spending money. There are tax-cuts, additional payments for pensioners (which includes two $250 top up payments just before Christmas and in March 2021), and more money to support the aged care sector (albeit the home care funding for 23,00 places is over 4 years and the waiting list is over 100,000 applicants).  
There is money for business and infrastructure to stimulate investment and employment. For example, our Government is phasing out the export of various recycling by products to “protect our oceans”. They will also commit $250m to modernise recycling infrastructure, reduce waste and encourage more recycling. $190m has also been budgeted for a proposed new Recycling Modernisation Fund,  which will underpin a $600m investment in new infrastructure in recycling, etc.